About Us

Travelling on business?

Dining alone?

You don’t need to any more!

Connect with similar professionals who will be in the same location at the same time as you and meet them over lunch or dinner using the new Table 4 one App. The Table 4 one App is Designed and built by professionals for professionals! Having spent many years of travelling on business and uttering that pitiful phrase “Table 4 one, please?” in lots of restaurants and hotels, only to look around and see several other people in the same predicament, we felt that there had to be a better way.

Believing that someone at the table across from you, sitting alone looking at their phone, could be a highly valuable business contact, led us to creating a way to connect with them.

“On business, I’d rather travel or meet up with someone I don’t really like than have to eat out alone”.

Just think, when you’re travelling next you could meet:

A future employer

A mentor

A buyer looking for your products

An investor

Someone inspirational

Someone in your industry to bounce ideas off or just to share stories

Your career will thank you!